Course Description

5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance

In this course you will learn three specific tools that drive productivity, reduce stress and improve life balance.  These work and life tools focus on peak performance while recognizing the diversity of stresses and distractions in your life and in the life and work of the people you interact with daily.  Approximate time to complete is two hours.

Jim Bird

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • PRINT Workbook

  • 2

    5 Step Overview

    • On an average basis today

    • What see big picture

    • OK Emotion would be

    • Welcome back. Now building on that

  • 3

    Way of Life Goals

    • We're not going to set lifetime goals

    • Drag and Drop Exercise

  • 4

    TAP Concepts

    • In setting way of life goals

    • So we want to move in

    • One other thing

    • TAP Category Exercise - Please choose whether each question is Think, Act or Play

  • 5

    TAP Family and Friends

    • Earlier we discussed

    • The essence of the TAP Process

    • TAP Page Family

    • TAP Page Friends & Community

  • 6

    TAP Work

    • On page 50

    • Let me give you

    • TAP Page Work

  • 7

    TAP Self

    • OK You've had the opportunity

    • Alright then let's do that

    • TAP Self

  • 8


    • Alright we've covered 2 in detail

    • Ok let's just flip the page

    • Drag and Drop Exercise

    • Drag and Drop Exercise

  • 9


    • Now you've been exposed

    • But in closing