Course Description

Emphasis Settings - Shifting Balance Between Your Life Quadrants – A change orientation tool that enables quick and significant short-term shifts in your primary life emphasis as demands rapidly change. The tool incorporates the changes and important shifts necessary to create more value and balance for yourself and those important to you both on and off the job. Approximate time to complete one hour.

Jim Bird

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Workbook (Workbook begins with page 65)

  • 2

    Emphasis Settings Defined

    • Definition and Concepts

  • 3

    Using Emphasis Settings as a Practical Tool

    • Example

    • Your Emphasis Settings Exercise

  • 4

    Audience Emphasis Settings & FAQ's (Note: You May View These or Skip)

    • How do I turn off the constant work emphasis, even for a little while

    • Shifting Your Emphasis

  • 5

    Happiness Meter

    • Introduction

  • 6


    • Example of Using the Happiness Meter

    • Happiness Meter Settings

    • Living on the Right Side of the Meter

  • 7

    TAP and the Happiness Meter

    • Audience Explanation of Flow

  • 8

    Putting It All Together

    • Overview

    • Drag and Drop Exercise

    • Close